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IS Evaluation in Practice  pp169-178

Ann Brown

© Jan 2006 Volume 8 Issue 3, ECITE 2005 Special, Editor: Dan Remenyi, pp143 - 230

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IS evaluation exercises continued to engender scepticism. The evaluation of IS investment is considered a 'wicked problem' and there are good reasons for this judgement. The topic has attracted many researchers. There is a substantial body of literature on the problems of measurement and the inadequacies of traditional investment appraisal methods. A wide range of alternative tools has been proposed to replace these approaches. But many surveys of actual practice have established little evidence of their use. Reported IS evaluation practice appears to be relatively unsophisti‑ cated or absent in many organisations. This paper draws on existing literature and case material to analyse the problem facing organisations when planning an IS evaluation exercise. It argues that the factors that can undermine the effectiveness of IS evaluation projects pose ma‑ jor problems. Management apathy may be a rational response to a complex and difficult exercise that often yields little benefit to the organisation.


Keywords: IS evaluation, Failure-prone decision process, IS Business value, IS evaluation project


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Journal Issue

Volume 8 Issue 3, ECITE 2005 Special / Nov 2005  pp143‑230

Editor: Dan Remenyi

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Keywords: IS integration, Mergers, Acquisitions, M&A, Success, IS evaluation, Evaluation framework, Web-based aptitude test, User acceptance, DART approach, IT value, Strategic value, Technology value, Strategy, Innovation, Failure-prone decision process, IS business value, IS evaluation project, Citizen-centric, Patient-oriented, XML web services, Healthcare management, Hub and spoke, Collaborative health, Evaluation, e-Prescription, Interdisciplinary research, Software process innovations, Organisation learning, Adoption, Individual learning styles, Computer capital, Complementary effects, Productivity, Software, Productive efficiency, Perfomance metrics, Balanced scorecard, Causality, Performance manager, Accounting, ERP implementation, IT investments, Business value, Investment quality


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