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Considerations for the Adoption of Cloud‑based Big Data Analytics in Small Business Enterprises  pp63-79

Olufemi J. Ajimoko

© Nov 2018 Volume 21 Issue 2, Editor: Prof Shaun Pather, pp63 - 168

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This study explores the various adoption criteria that may guide the information technology (IT) professionals in small business enterprises (SBEs) in their decision to adopt cloud‑based big data analytics (CBBDA). The research was guided by three major theories of technology adoption, which were: diffusion of innovation, theory of technology acceptance model, and the theory of technology‑organization‑environment framework. The study was based on a sample of 20 IT professionals from10 SBEs in the state of New Jersey in the United States. The exploratory qualitative research used semi‑structure questionnaires to conduct one‑on‑one interviews with the participants. The results were coded to identify the emergent themes. The study found two categories of CBBDA adoption criteria; they were: (a) internal technology adoption criteria, which were found to be unique to each SBE and (b) external technology adoption criteria, which were found to be uniform to all the SBEs. The internal criteria consisted of technological and organizational factors, while the external criteria consisted of vendor‑related and environmental factors. Further, the study found that some of the prominent internal factors played a dominant role in CBBDA adoption in SBEs. They were: (a) technology/organization alignment and fit; (b) SBE data environment and need; (c) SBE financial standing and (d) SBE owner/top management support. It was also found that no matter how useful the innovation, the lack of SBE owner/top management support can easily obstruct the adoption of CBBDA and other similar future technology.


Keywords: big data analytics, cloud computing, cloud-based big data analytics, small business enterprise


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Journal Issue

Volume 21 Issue 2 / Nov 2018  pp63‑168

Editor: Prof Shaun Pather

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Keywords: Acceptance of Open Learning Resources, Self-efficacy, MOOCs and OERs in India, Technology acceptance, Informal online-learning, Open educational content and higher education, big data analytics, cloud computing, cloud-based big data analytics, small business enterprise


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