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Journal Article

Toward an Understanding of Business Intelligence Systems Success: A South African Study  pp24-38

Taurayi Mudzana, Manoj Maharaj

© Jul 2017 Volume 20 Issue 1, Editor: Shaun Pather, pp1 - 58

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This study investigates the success factors of business intelligence (BI) systems across three employment groups in South Africa. The three categories of employment groups are: top management, middle management, and operational staff. Based on a review of literature grounded on the DeLone and McLean model, a research model was proposed. This study hypothesized that information quality, system quality, service quality, user quality, user satisfaction, and individual impact are factors that might contribute to the success of BI systems among the different employment groups in South Africa. The proposed model was validated using responses taken from 211 BI users. The managerial implications of the findings are that differentiated BI implementation strategies aimed at specific employment groups might improve success rates, as opposed to a single broad‑brush strategy for all end users. The paper concludes by discussing the limitations of the study, which should be addressed in future research.


Keywords: business intelligence; information systems success; South Africa; DeLone and McLean


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Journal Article

A Mixed Method Approach to investigate the Antecedents of Software Quality and Information Systems Success in Canadian Software Development Firms  pp109-130

Delroy A. Chevers

© Nov 2018 Volume 21 Issue 2, Editor: Prof Shaun Pather, pp63 - 168

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For years software developers globally have struggled in their attempts to deliver high quality software products. In an effort to overcome the problem, there is a widely held view that people, process maturity and technology are the main determinants of software quality and information systems (IS) success. The researcher conducted a survey in Canada among software developers, which confirmed the notion that people, process maturity and technology are determinants of software quality and also that software quality and user perception are determinants of information systems success. In an attempt to gain deeper insights, a series of interviews were conducted among Canadian developers to identify other contributing factors to software quality and information systems success. The interviews revealed that organization climate, user training and education, expectation management and technical support can influence the quality and success of the delivered software product. Such insights can enhance the competitiveness of these firms.


Keywords: Software quality, information systems success, organizational climate, process maturity, technical support, Canada


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Journal Issue

Volume 20 Issue 1 / Jul 2017  pp1‑58

Editor: Shaun Pather

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From July 2017 the Electronic Journal of IS Evaluation is moving to a continuous publishng model. This means that once a paper has completed the review process and the publishing fee has been received, it will proceed directly to production, and the time from submission to publication will be reduced.

A a reasult of this, Volume 20 Issue 1 will continue to have papers appended until the Editor decides to close the issue. An editorial will then be added here to complete the issue.


Keywords: E-Government, E-Government Benefits, Evaluation Models, Satisfaction-Satisfaction Matrix, e-government, m-government, smart government, technology acceptance model, UAE, business intelligence; information systems success; South Africa; DeLone and McLean, emergency management, information system, psychology, decision making, information processing, decision support, design principles, system design


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